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Photo by Elke Schmidt, Senegal Bridge Year Program.

Update from Niodior; a beautiful mangrove-filled fishing village in the Sine Saloum Delta

Hello friends & family of Senegal: Music & Mysticism participants!

The instructors in the field, Jenny & Samba, have passed along the message that Allegra, Nalini, and Erlene have expressed that they are all really grateful to be having an experience in Senegal that they know it wouldn’t be possible for tourists to have. They are learning about the Serer ethnic group in this beautiful mangrove-filled fishing village called Niodior. Niodior is a remote island in the Sine Saloum Delta; please note that the group will be off the grid and out of communication until they travel to Dakar on Saturday. Some of the activities in the next few days will include hearing about the clandestine immigration to Europe in wooden pirogues that has pulled away many of the island’s young men, helping the local women’s cooperative with mangrove reforestation, visiting a local marabout to learn about mystical animist practices, and organizing a traditional wrestling match.

They have passed along the message that they all miss their families and can’t wait to share stories with people back home!

We hope you enjoy some photos from their day of “rugged” travel.

Jam Rekk,