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Photo by Elke Schmidt, Senegal Bridge Year Program.

Take Photos!

Dear Travelers ~ Allegra, Erlene & Nalini ~

We’ve been enjoying your thoughtful Yak Yak reflections as well as your important logistical questions. Each time we hear from you, the excitement builds for your upcoming journey. The other night as I lay in bed I remembered my first journey to the African continent. I was in my early 20s and with my parents and recall the small fires lining the roads from the airport to town as we journeyed into Bamako. That adventure stoked a fire within my own spirit that will last a lifetime. Since then I’ve had the immense fortune of creating a home of sorts for myself in Senegal; surrounded by incredible people who have inspired me by their ability to smile and live in a light way despite (or perhaps because of?) the reality of suffering. Senegal has taught me more than any other person or place ever has.

I long to offer the type of journey you are about to embark upon to more people seeking depth, connection, and inspiration in their lives. It helps for adults to see pictures of other adults to get a sense of what the journey might be like for them. In this light, would you take photos of yourself, each other, the children you fall in love with, your homestay house and room…. for others to see and get a sense of what the experience is like? Jenny and Samba will brief you on taking photos in Senegal. In general people love having their pictures taken, especially if they know you even just a little bit. It’s also very sweet to print images and send them back to your family, as people all over the world seem to enjoy having photos of themselves, the people they love, and shared memories.

I can’t wait to see your images in the next couple of weeks! We’d even love to share some of them on our instagram account if you’re comfortable with that. If you’re on Instagram, consider following us: dragonsadulttravel (I do all the posts!)

Enjoy this day before you embark upon your journey. I often think that the preparation is as much of the adventure as the trip itself.

Jam Rekk (Peace Only),

Megan aka Jaari Balde

PS – This image is from the first course I led with Where There Be Dragons – in fact our first program on the African continent in Senegal 2005!