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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Student Introduction!

Hi everyone!

My name is Clare and I’m so excited to start this journey with you all!  I live in Connecticut, although I was raised in Massachusetts and spent much of my high school years in Vermont.  There I cultivated interests in Buddhism, photography, astronomy, meditation, yoga and the great outdoors.  I also love baby goats, ice cream, writing and watching movies!  So far on my gap year I’ve been working at my local movie theater and taking a couple of college courses, but I’m ready to escape the New England winter and to share adventures with you guys in Nepal!

The only other time I’ve traveled internationally was to Nicaragua with my classmates a couple years ago for service and cultural exchange. While we didn’t stay for three months, that trip sparked a much stronger desire to broaden my horizons and connect with the world on a more spiritual and emotional level. I was drawn to Nepal in particular for its rich history and cultural values, and I’m hoping this experience will open my mind to ways of living and learning that are different from my own.  I’m looking forward to meeting each of you and exploring the Himalayas together!  I’ll also be turning 19 on this trip (!!!) and by next fall I will be a full-time college student.

Can’t wait to hunt some dragons, see you soon!