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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Second Week Update from Patan

Dear parents and well wishers,

Since our congregation as a group almost two weeks ago, students have been delving deep and gathering local experiences in Nepal. It has been such a delight for us to see them engage deeply here.

In our first week at orientation in Bhaktapur, students spent time learning about each others, setting goals and expectations for these three months. In this skill acquisition phase, students involved themselves in group building exercises, learning to speak in Nepali and cultivating understanding about Nepali culture and norms. Students were able to adjust quite well with the newness as they went on a scavenger hunt in vibrant streets of Bhaktapur, interviewing locals and learning about ancient palaces, courtyards and temples. Towards the end of  our first week, we transitioned to Kevin Rohan Eco-foundation where students learned about the concept of bio-dynamic farming and eco-friendly building practices. On one of  days there, students went on a hike to collectively participate in eco-building project by observing and laying foundation of dirt and rocks as part of the ‘Learning service’ component of the program.

In our second week, we moved to Patan to move into our urban home-stays. As students shared greetings and introduction with their home-stay families, they rejoiced in the cross-cultural interactions with their new homestay families. As of now, students have been reconvening at our Program house every morning for Yoga and meditation followed by language classes. They have been cooking breakfast, running group check-ins and planning excursions every Sunday. In the afternoon, students have been busy with ISPs (Individual Study Projects)  learning  some hands-on crafts, including stone/metal/wood carving, playing sarangi (a local instrument), taking cooking lessons and learning about Yoga Philosophy and Ayurveda, among others.

As we situate ourselves in Patan temporarily, we feel very pleased and excited as students immerse themselves with lifestyle of  Patan. We will be posting more photos and update stories on behalf of our group and community in coming days. Our students have been writing amazing Yaks about their experience so, be sure to tune into their stories.

With gratitude,

Tsheten, Kripa and Uttara (Instructors)