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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

First Nepali Yak

Nepal is different from any other place I’ve ever been to. It’s beautiful, colorful and unique. I’m still getting to know the country and my experience is just starting, but I love taking a walk down the streets near our guest house in Bhaktapur and seeing houses of many different colors (blue, red, yellow)  and in the background massive mountains with snowy tops. Everything here is so different from everything I’m used to seeing at home. So, everyday offers a new opportunity to explore and to learn more about the culture and the people of Nepal.

The locals here have also been very welcoming. I’ve also enjoyed getting to learn some Nepali. For example, I now know that my name in Nepali is Manisha, which I think sounds really cool. So, I know that my Nepali family is going to be calling me that, once we get to the homestay part of the trip. It’s just all been a wild ride and there is so much to observe and so much learn. All I know is that for now Nepal seems very vibrant and full of life to me. Today, for example we saw a monkey walking right past us while we were sitting and doing an activity. Anyway, I think Nepal is a UNIQUE place and I’m excited for the adventure to keep on going.