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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

breathing in…breathing out

When people ask I would tell them that reading is one of my hobbies, though back home I can never sit and read for very long before I am interrupted by a zzzz zzzz *gmail notification* “New 50% SALE”… zzzz zzzz *Instagram* “Check out all 75 New Posts!” Reluctantly I pick it up and there I am again scrolling. Isn’t it much more stimulating to look at 100-150 different photos, comments, blog posts, etc. in as little time as 10 minutes as opposed to sitting and reading a book? Maybe, but the rate at which my mind becomes preoccupied by my phone sickens me to look back on.

Breathing in, I recognize my anger…. Breathing out, I smile at my anger.

I have found mindfulness in almost everything I have been doing here. Walking to the program house, I am fully aware that I am walking to the program house. Counting my steps as I count my breath. Sitting down to read my book, I am fully aware that I am sitting down to read my book.

A newfound Philosophy from the suggestion of Thich Nhat Hanh: Enjoy and appreciate life just as you would every section of a tangerine, live it section by section fully present in that section. Don’t move on to the next until you have finished the previous.