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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone,
My name is Louise Ambler, and I am from Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Like many of you, I am 18 and taking a gap year before going to university next fall.
I can’t wait to start our adventures together in Nepal.  I was initially drawn to this program by the trekking component, as I love hiking and spending time in nature.  I quickly found myself just as excited by the other aspects of this course, especially the homestays!
Traveling and exploring the world has always been a passion of mine.  I spent this fall traveling around Western Europe. I farmed in the UK and Italy, worked in the archives of a castle in Scotland, and did plenty of traveling in between.  I am now excited to get to explore a different part of the world in greater depth.
In school, my interests included History and Biology (my sister thinks I am an insufferable history nerd). My other interests include theatre, hiking, reading, cooking, playing ice hockey and softball, and playing guitar.
I love a good conversation more than just about anything, so I am excited to meet everyone and have many great conversations with you all!
In terms of reading material I am debating between bringing a book of 20th century plays or a fantasy book called The City of Brass.  I am bad at making decisions, so if anyone has a preference let me know.

Looking forward to meeting everyone,