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Winter Excursion Itinerary

Hello all!

We are very excited to share with you our itinerary for our winter excursion. We will not have reliable access to WiFi, but prepare to hear lots about our adventures once we are back in Dakar!

Dec 26th-28th: We depart from Dakar for a day-long drive towards Kedougou, deep in the southeast corner of Senegal. We’ll spend the first few days of our excursion in Kedougou, orienting ourselves to the Pulaar culture and language of the south of Senegal, and learning about some of the major issues affecting the region, including environmental conservation, migration, and illicit and artisanal gold mining.

Dec 28th – Dec 30th: We’ll spend three days trekking from Kedougou south towards Dindefelo, passing through the small villages of Bandafassi and Ibel. Along the way, we’ll visit a number of animist Bedick villages, one of Senegal’s vulnerable minorities. Visiting these communities will offer us a chance to reflect on cultural and religious diversity within Senegal, as well as consider the effects of globalization on tourism on minority groups.

Dec 30th – Jan 1st: We’ll then spend three days in Dindefelo, a Peul-Fouta village at the base of the plateau that marks the border with Guinea. Our time in Dindefelo offers us a chance to visit the local waterfall and other scenic viewpoints and swimming spots, as well as learn about the chimpanzee conservation efforts taking place in the region. Other activities might include soccer against the local village team and a traditional dance and drumming performance – we’ll certainly find a way to ring in the New Year with a bang!

Jan 2nd – Jan 10th: From Dindefelo, we’ll head to Kolda, where we’ll spend the second week of our excursion in rural home-stays in Temanto Samba. Our rural home-stays will focus on immersing students in rural life, with opportunities to spend our days with our homestay parents and siblings – heading to the peanut or rice fields, cooking, practicing our new Pulaar language skills, and slowing to a rhythm of life much different from that of Dakar.

With love,
Bridge Year Senegal 🇸🇳