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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Reflections as a group

In Nepal I learned….

That humor doesn’t have to be the only way to interact with someone, that being kind is really appreciated, and how to do a card trade

How to slow down and notice the little things.

That lives on this half of the globe are just as real and full as lives on the half my home is on

That first impressions are a curated fraction of a person’s real self

How to interact on the daily with people who are very different than me. Whether it be introducing myself and making a joke about my name or helping create a friendly and warm atmosphere for another person.

That you can learn a  lot more from looking at a moment than waiting for the next one to come.

How to shower twice a week, eat with my hands and share my poop consistency with 14 strangers first thing in the morning.

That I can be content in the midst of chaos and find a way to get along with people I otherwise might never talk to.

That we are changing every waking moment and that should be celebrated

The importance of mother nature both in my life and those living in Nepal

How turmeric is essential for good dal

The practice of meditation isn’t confined to sitting cross legged and not thinking

That every day here is influenced by religion.

That traditional Newari art is immensely popular and difficult to execute

The difference between a traveller and a tourist

That there is a story within everyone and behind everything

That it is not cool to sit back and not give a shit

How dangerous biased and baseless judgement can be

How much I have to still learn

Gratitude and compassion

How to live simply and humbly

How to make any place home/feel like home even if I won’t be there for that long.

How to make connections with people even if neither of us know the others language that well.

How to count and have basic conversation in Nepali, how to share a smelly tent with someone for 14 days, and that cities aren’t as intimidating after a few weeks of walking around

That I don’t love Newari food but I do love Newari people and that I didn’t need any of the comforts of the US to feel comfortable across the world.