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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.


Dear friends and family,

As we wrap up this three-month journey, we reflect on the successes of each student, celebrating their experiences and considering ways they can continue to grow.

Today, we are proud instructors. We are proud of the students that have learned how to listen intently, and those who have found confidence in their voice. We are proud of those who have demonstrated the strength to address conflict amongst their peers, and those who have challenged us instructors. We are proud of how this group took initiative to create a close, vibrant culture, while constantly facing outward to engage with the cultures that host us. Maybe it would be useful to be more specific…

We are proud of Ella for being authentic, demonstrating through her actions that she believes what she says… of Emmy, for being the uniting force between all group members… of Mira, for being decisive and guiding the group through difficult conversations… of Logan, for spreading his joy for people and life by lifting up others… of Tabita, for challenging instructors and students alike with her genuine perspectives and unquenchable thirst to learn… of Eliana, for sharing her wise perspectives with articulacy, teaching others… of Sophie, for inspiring those around her with her generosity… of Rory, who has become an empathetic listener who goes out of his way to support others… of Katherine, who led by example every day, making connections with our friends from Peru and Bolivia… of Leah, who demonstrated her ability to help the group reach its goals by initiating beautiful conversations, she is a leader… of Johnny, for being vulnerable and putting effort into building meaningful relationships… of Olivia, for her drive to gain meaning from challenging experiences and applying her creativity to seemingly simple conversations.

See you soon,