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Sambhali Laadali Empowerment Center

HIIIIIIII !!!! we are THRIVING. Sophie, Leila, Dylan and Ariana here reporting live from the living room of Sambhali Trust. Today we had quite the experience at the Sambhali Laadali Empowerment Center. Specifically, this non – profit organization (Sambhali Trust) works to empower women and educate children. It is common to see child marriage, domestic violence and human trafficking in Jodhpur so Sambhali provides a safe place for victims. All twelve of us were divided into three groups of about 4 girls each. We went to separate education centers across Jodhpur. At our assigned center, we spent the morning getting to know the women despite our language barrier who were age 15+ and after learning about their work, they offered to give us henna tattoos. They were all so skilled! These women learn hindi, english, math, etc. We took Polaroids of each other and gave some to the women to keep. Also, some women gave Leila and Ariana some of their own jewelry to have as well. At around 1 they left and we all took a small walk to a nearby home where we got a small tour and washed our hennas off. Then, we had lunch and around 2 the children came. There were two groups: an older and more advanced and a younger, less advanced. After their English and Hindi tests we took photos, got more henna and danced in the street. After, we ran over to the market to grab some chocolate for the kids. Overall, a great day! Some highlights – pigeon stuck in room, goats, dancing in public, awkward encounters with teenage boys on motor cycles (little girls told us to go inside) and some amazing bonding moments. THE END (proud if you made it this far)!! Love and miss you all :))