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Home Away From Home

Hey guys! Leila and Sophie here. These past couple of days have been life changing. We have made many friends and memories that will last forever. Vatsalya has been so welcoming and we are so happy to call it a home to many of us. Today, we got up and ate breakfast and drank chai with all the children in the FREEZING COLD. Then we spent some time helping them with their weekly chores which entail cleaning their dorms and picking trash up around the campus. After, we went over to the school to finish painting the walls of some classrooms. We loved this because Hemant played some nice tunes and we all danced around! We did this in shifts while other groups went to Anoothi, their block – printing unit which focuses on women empowerment. Here, we did our own block printing on hand spun cotton scarves. So stunning!!!! After, we played basketball and cricket with the kids and said goodbye L LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL. See you soon!!!!