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Thank You (and photos!)

Dear Dragoncitos,

I am so grateful to have shared six unforgettable weeks with you throughout the Peruvian Andes and Amazon this summer. From mountain ranges to rainforest, we have not only gotten to know ourselves and each other deeply, but have also forged bridges of understanding as well as meaningful connections with families and communities representing diverse cultures and traditions of Peru.

This journey would not have been possible without your openness, curiosity, ability to adapt, empathy, leadership, and of course, sense of humor! Although you each come from different backgrounds and perspectives, you were able to unite as a group, embrace challenges with flexibility and learn from multiple environments with your minds and hearts. Thank you for trusting us, for your patience, for being vulnerable, for asking the hard questions, and most of all for being yourselves.

As you re-enter life back home, find ways to stay connected with that which was meaningful to you in Peru (e.g. opening space with palo santo, speaking Spanish, smelling agua florida, listening to Piensa en Mi, jumping in rivers, frying plantains and yuca, going out for ceviche, or simply keeping in touch with each other!). I will miss each of you dearly, and to deal with my nostalgia I created the promised Google folder for photos and videos which encapsulate memories we formed together.

Please share and upload yours here:

Abrazos fuertes,