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People of the Clouds

”If you don’t think about it, the bugs swarming the light look like the stars against a pitch black sky,”-Asher & I.


In the time we have spent traveling recently, we could find ourselves above, in the midst of, and below the clouds. In the moment, it was all so surreal. Grasping the idea that we were high enough to be above clouds, you could hear common chatter throughout the group. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the mountain caps covered in snow, and the field of clouds in front of us for a moment. Walking to the hostal late one night, the wetness clinging to our skin as streetlights desparetly awoke amongst the cloud. We walked through the fog with subtle realizations that we truly were in the midst of the clouds we saw below us just hours before. And I remember pulling in to Huacaria and looking up, about to comment on the blue sky. Only then had I realized that the sky was a blanket of white. It was almost like there was no room for blue. Figuratively and literally. Emerging around us were so many different shades of greens, the sound of children laughing and the smell of homecooked meals being prepared rushed my senses at once. The weather was warm, as were the people of Huacaria. I found myself having a hard time missing home for once. Which is what I mean when I say there was no room for blue. Being sad wasn’t a thing that you found a lot in Huacaria. Instead, I was greeted with warm meals, a host brother that would give the biggest of hugs solely because he knew I would receive them appreciatively, host sisters that giggled and whispered while we ate dinner and played with Marisa’s feet under the table, a host mother who made sure we were well fed and cleared our plates without any hesitation, a  little hut that offered many windows for cool air to rush in when needed, a tin roof that allowed rain drops to pounce upon, leaving the sweetest lullaby to fall asleep to. The people of Santa Rosa de Huacaria are the most intriguing thus far. I hope I can return one day, as much as it hurt to leave it would only be right.