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In Lima

Hello friends and families!

Here are two photos that the group sent me from the Lima airport. (I myself have stayed in Puerto Maldonado for the first part of my post-course life.) They plan to go out for some ceviche before their flight from Lima to Miami, which leaves just after midnight local time. I think the experience of having ceviche on the coast will be very important – I personally never miss a chance to do that – however the truth is that the group will soon be back in the USA and split up all over the country.

On my personal side, I will be leaving Peru, which is a home to me, and not working another Dragons course for the foreseeable future. I want you all to know that this course has been a great way to go out – it has left my heart full of gratitude and my mind full of wonder, truly – in large part thanks to the 8 students, your daughters or sons or friends or brothers or sisters or whatever else. As they arrive home, please give them an extra hug from me of warm welcome to the rest of their lives. Because I can’t, but I really want to and most of all, because they deserve it!

Lastly, thank you all for lending us your loved for these six weeks. That’s a long time. And the unique story we lived together would have been impossible without each of the characters.

Most sincerely,