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Hi family and friends,

Saludos from Puerto Maldonado, where we are in the midst of transference. While enjoying a long day on the Madre de Dios river to travel here, we wrote haiku poems about our time in the Amazon and share them with you all here. Enjoy!


Water gets on me

It is moist, so very moist

Love the Amazon


“The mosquito”

I am sucking out

The blood tastes so good yum yum

The human got bit


The weather so warm

The people so very pleasant

Oh how I’ll miss Huacaria


Amidst destruction

Peace, beauty, and abundance

Permeate this land


Love diversity

in all its expression

observe and question


Condors in Q’eros

Jaguars in the Amazon

The land of Peru


Me recordarás?

Tanto me enseñaste

Te recordaré


The sound of water

The motor humming

A good river day


I am on a boat

I am sitting in between

Asher and Taya


The water is brown

There are small fish that will swim

Up your urethrea