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Zhiyun Temple

On Saturday, we walked for about 50 minutes to visit the Zhiyun Temple. Zhiyun is a Tibetan Buddhist Temple that was founded in 1727 in the fifth year of the Yongzheng Emperor during the Qing Dynasty. Zhiyun literally means “point to the clouds”. We first learned a little about the basic principles of Buddhism, including the Six Cycles of Samsara. We then observed a mantra recitation ceremony which was very profound and impactful. After the ceremony, we had the privilege of a short question and answer session with the master. We learned that the temple provides housing, food and medical care for all Dharma students. We learned that they refrain from meat, alcohol, intimate relationships and killing living beings(including flies and mosquitoes). We also learned how to say hello in Tibetan: “tashi daleh”. Afterwards, we leisurely walked back to our homestay village to enjoy delicious home-cooked dinners.