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Your weekly update in Guatemala


So here I am in San Juan with 10 other stangers I´ve never met in my life yet I´ve never felt more homely. The first week has been wonderful from my perspective, we stayed at San Antonio for a few days when we arrived and we are currently staying in San Juan. Guatemala was not what I expected, it seems that Mayan culture still has a large influence on the nation with many of our homestay families speaking it fluently along with spanish. Compared to the US it is a lot harder to ask for help primarly because all of us either dont speak spanish or dont understand the local slang and other terms that would have a different meaning in other latin american countries. Fortunately we seem to get along just fine and we arent driving our instructors mad (yet) so that´s always a plus!

We will all keep you guys updated on everything thats going on and with that I’m signing off.