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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

When the gang stops eating tajine…

In 58 hours, probably less by the time this yak is posted, we will have landed in DC and will hopefully be in the final stages of our journey home. Transference is about transferring our experience in Morocco back to our lives at home, so about 10 minutes ago, we all got together and got cooked by the heat on the roof of our “dar” to brainstorm some ways of making the transition back to our regular lives a little easier. Here are a few:
– update each other on our physical and emotional states
– find someone who can handle knowing all the gritty details of the trip
– gorge yourself on American food, but not too much American food
– take some time for yourself to reflect and relax
– set a schedule to get back into a routine

See you soon!
Stefan, Henry, Alisa, Abril, Emma, Ava, Courtney, Melanie, Jackson, Braiden, Melanie and Nikki