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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

What Do You Like About Morocco?

On my first night in Imouzzer, before a round of switching host families, Jackson, Henry, and I bonded with Alisa’s host parents and a Peace Corps volunteer named Kalib over a heated game of “Cover Your Assets.” The reoccurring game night between Ali, Layla, and whatever guests they may have over speaks to their typical Moroccan hospitality, but that isn’t why I bring up Kalib.

Kalib teaches English at a women’s center here in Imouzzer, and the group decided to join him for a lesson yesterday. We had fun exchanging English and Darija names for different animals, fruits, and vegetables, but when Kalib asked his students to name one thing they liked and one thing they disliked about Morocco, one answer stood out.

“What do you like about Morocco, Yusuf?”

“Nothing… Wait, just one thing. The hospitality, I like the hospitality.”

Morocco is known for its hospitality, and anyone in our group can attest to that by the endless stream of guests in their host homes or the constant “Kuli, kuli, kuli!” of their host mothers who will never stop piling food your plate. To me, Yusuf’s response really drove the point of Moroccan hospitality home.