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Week One in San Juan la Laguna

In the United States, it is very typical that only students are asked what they are learning, and the usual response is something along the lines of ¨math, science, and English¨. While this type of learning is extremely valuable, it is also very important to recognize what we are gaining outside of the classroom. What we are learning as people rather than students.

In San Juan Laguna, I have learned more than I can fit in a Yak post, and only a small portion of it was in a classroom. I have learned to weave my own scarf (and was pretty successful if I do say so myself) with my mentor, Juana. I have learned how to make tortillas from scratch thanks to my homestay mom. I have learned how to communicate without always using words by attempting (and failing) at making conversation. Thanks to all of the wonderful people in this small community, I am walking away with new abilities and ideas that I had never even really considered.

This is the type of learning that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Sure, in school I´m going to learn about biology and chemistry and math, but as soon as I stop using these things, I will forget them. What I´m learning here in Guatemala are things that I will never forget, which is why I think is it so important to take learning outside of the classroom. We will only be students for so long, but we will be people forever.