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We Are Having a Phenomenal Time in Tiquipaya

Hola Todos,

We are currentntly in Tiquipaya after a nine hour bus ride from Sucre. We arrived early on Saturday morning and jumped right into our homestay families later that day. We spent the weekend settling in and building a relationship with our families. On Monday, we began our spanish classes. Every morning, we have breakfast with our families and then head to the Dragon´s house to have our daily check ins. At 8:30am we begin our spanish classes, which end at 12pm. Sometimes, during spanish class we also visit different parts of the town, to get a good grasp on the local culture. After spanish class we head home to our families to have lunch. Every afternoon looks different. Sometimes, we have guest speakers and other times we go to our Independent Study Projects (ISP).

Everyone has a different ISP, and most of us began ours on Tuesday. Our projects range from street art, learning how to play the flute, studying the water wars, studying politics and economics, learning about natural medicine and silversmithing. In the photo, James and I are pictured with our silversmith teacher, Doñ Alfredo following our first class on Tuesday.

The food here is also undeniably amazing and it is wonderful to see first hand how all the meals are cooked because we are with our families most of the time. All of us are in a different home, and some of us are closer to one another than others. The group has grown very close, and although we have our ups and downs, we are always there for one another. We have also begun expedition phase planning, which consists of the three days when we leave our homestays where we get to decide what we would like to do using the skills we´ve learned along the way.

Lastly, there are many dogs throughout the town, and for some of us (Anna and I), it can get very difficult to abstain from petting them (especially puppies), but then again we are reminded that we don´t want to get rabies. Every day brings a new adventure which allows us to admire and interact with the beautiful country we are in. For most of us, it is still surreal how fast our time together here in Bolivia has gone by and we have had a great chance to do some self reflection along every part of the trip.


Sending you all lots of love,

Ivan and the rest of the Dragons group