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Today we as a group spent the morning saying goodbyes to our host families, and met to discuss bigger questions raised through our trip to the Naxi village. We went out into the woods and discussed the differences in values between the Naxi and us as Americans, specifically in how merit is acheived and whether or not intelligence deserves merit in and of itself. After our conversation, we left the rural village for the final time, and went into Lijiang. Once in the city, money was divided up for lunch, and we went off on our own. We were given two hours to explore, shop, and eat in small groups of our choosing. My group got lost but with good navigation and a lot of luck we managed to only be 15 minutes late. Following our exploration, we hopped on a bus that took us to the train station, where we got on what was for a lot of us our first overnight train. We talked and played cards until the lights went out at 10:45, at which point we all went to bed.