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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

Trekking in the High Atlas: July 11-14

Getting ready to start trekking in Imilchil

The group is doing well as we come off two travel days and our first introduction to the heat of Morocco. After saying goodbye to homestay families, the group headed south from Immouzar Kandar and traveled to Er-Rich, which is located in the southeastern part of Morocco. Yesterday, the group headed up into the High Atlas mountains to the small village of Imilchil – home of the Ait Hadidou tribe. The cooler weather of the mountains will be a break before we enter the heat again for the 2nd half of the course. Lake Tislit, one of the only natural lakes in North Africa, (pictured) welcomed us though when we arrived to Imilchil, and the days’ aches from travel washed away.

Trekking marks midcourse, and it’s incredible that it’s already here! Starting on July 11 we will be exploring the High Atlas and heading south over the mountains. We will be out on our trek from July 11-14. During this time, we will be stepping away from the busy life of “souks” and bargaining and exploring the beautiful geography of this mountain range. We will have limited communication during this time, but the Dragons office will be able to reach us if needed. We’ve been working on more reflections from our time in Imouzzer Kandar and Moulay Idriss, so stay tuned and we will share more by July 15.

Yalla!! Let’s go!!!

Elke, Foster, and Ismail (Morocco Instructor Team)