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Unlike the first trek, on the second trek I felt truly isolated and immersed in nature. The weather we experienced on the trek was very abnormal for Ladakh in the summer. On 6 of the 7 days we got rained or hailed on. On the second day of the trek while we were climbing up the pass we began to be hailed on, but we couldn’t stop because the weather would get worse. The group pushed on through the the weather to the top of the pass and the weather cleared up. It was a great feeing of achievement looking at what we had ascended. Eventually it became commonplace to see wildlife right next to us. As we walked camp on the 5th day we saw a herd of blue sheep (they are not domesticated and can best be described as a cross between a mountain goat and a deer) grazing right in front of us. We slowly approached them and eventually we were within 10 feet of them before they fled. They jumped over the river and then began to climb a mountain. On the last day when we reached the top of the pass it felt surreal to see the storm clouds below us as we hung up our prayer flags and ate snickers bars. The descent was hard. Once we got to the bottom we had to follow a winding trail and cross the river at least 15 times before we would get back. During this time we had to race down because it was raining and every second the river was flowing faster. When we finally reached the van it was a feeling of relief and sadness that the trek was over. It is sad to think that in less then 48 hours from the time of writing this I will be on a plane from Delhi to Newark.