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Transitioning to Boca!

Hi everyone,

We have had a wonderful orientation in the forest neighboring Puerto Maldonado. The students have ventured into town twice, searching through markets to find local produce, snacks, and juice stands showing every game of the World Cup. Here at our orientation site, we have begun conversations about traveling responsibly, caring for each other, and respecting our hosts. Each night, a few students have closed the day by graciously sharing about themselves, which has inspired the group to begin to grow close.

Later today, we will be traveling by bus and boat to the Amazonian community of Boca Pairumanu. Here, we will spend time with a conservation organization called Fauna Forever. For the next four days, the group will follow biologists through the jungle, learn community artisan techniques, and play soccer (futbol) in the afternoons. The students are excited to move past our orientation site and into Peru! We will return to Puerto Maldonado (and cell/internet service) on July 6th.

Best wishes,