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Cambodia Summer Program.

Transition Zone

During our last afternoon in Chambok, we learned about the background of the community and history of ecotourism there from the village leader (pictured here!), as well as how that history has shaped and continues to influence the lives of those living nearby. Our minds brimming with stories of the land and it’s people, we hiked up to yet another spectacular waterfall with our local guide, arriving at last to a tranquil swimming spot to soak our bodies in. The endless intellectual conversations, fruitful debates, and supportive banter exchanged within our group, whether over a meal, on a hike, or walking to and from our houses continues to fuel our fun-loving, co-created experience. After dinner, we celebrated Julie’s birthday (cake too!) and had a beautiful ceremony to mark the end of orientation. To signify our intentions, each of us shared three things: what we aim to leave behind, what we would like to contribute to our Khambo 2018 community, and what we want foster for ourselves in the month ahead. 

This morning we left the caring and vibrant community of Chambok and headed south to our second stop on our Cambodian journey: the Trapeang Sangkae Mangrove Community in Kampot Province, near the southern coast of Cambodia. The adventure continues!