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I am sad to say that this trip has come to an end. We have spent the past few days back at the beautiful Lago Atitlan. Each day has been a time for reflection and remembering all of the things we have experienced.

This has helped us prepare for what it is going to be like going home and having to say goodbye to beautiful Guatemala. The instructors had planned many activities for us. We started off with reviewing all of the different moments of the course and how we felt. It was a great feeling to see how far our group has come and all that we had done. We gathered as a group and were able to discuss our hopes and fears about leaving. Everyone had similar feelings of being excited to go home to their friends and family, but while also not wanting to have to leave each other. It scares me to think that after spending so much time together, and now going home that I will forget all the memories I have made. At least we have made the most of our final time as a group and have been able to stay up late to have our final bonding moments and will be able to connect through phones and social media.

As I leave Guatemala I will take with me everything I have learned about the Guatemalan culture and myself back home. It saddens me to think that I have to leave the colorful communities, the interesting stories from local people and exploring. Even as we say our goodbyes, I am glad that I had a great experience and will be returning home with people I can call my forever friends!