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Things I’ve Learned in Guatemala

Hello everyone!!

This amazing month is almost at an end so I’ve decided that I really need to post a Yak. Upon thinking of the topic I should write about I was reminded of this mental list I’ve compiled containing some things I’ve learned – I’ll share them with you here! 1. Always eat your breakfast tradicional. 2. Don’t put your toilet paper in the actual toilet. 3. If your host mom starts collecting cheese because someone died well just help her collect the cheese possibly ? 4. If you hear bombs during the day and night its just the catholic church doing their thing – do not be alarmed. 5. Water can be drunk sometimes but not all the time and can be touched sometimes but not all the time. 6. Squishing 5 people into a small tuk tuk can be done it is hard but possible. Thats just 6 out of many more in my mental list – I hope all is well with all reading this!!