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The Seeds of Life

In the past 2 days my peers and I have explored the concept of “easy living” and sustainability. We started with harvesting rice seedlings and planting them in the rice fields of Pun Pun. During this process I often found my mind completely empty as I waded through the mud. I was comfortable with my surroundings as the process became second nature in some sense. Soon after I found myself jumping into a pond fully clothed quickly rushing out to shower and help in the kitchen for lunch. After lunch we all watched as our new friend Jack showed us how to make cheese and yogurt in preparation for our upcoming pizza party.

Today I found myself planting coffee trees. Walking up the hills with the trees surrounding, it was difficult to not only focus on my safety but that of the life I held in my hands. That moment was my first awakening to the importance of each individual being that makes up nature. Here at Pun Pun the community members participate in seed saving. Seed saving is the act of taking the seeds of fruits, vegetables, flowers etc. and either planting or saving for later use. It is a process that can allow for all people to enjoy the diversity of life. However it was soon brought to my attention that this is not always the case.

Large  companies are patenting and selling seeds that are filled with GMOs to small farmers all around the world. In my opinion to patent nature is a crime that causes humans to disconnect from it. In order to grow these genetically modified plants harmful pesticides and chemicals must be used that are so harmful the communties and people surrounding. Not only that but to be forced to only grow seeds with GMOs pushes people farther away from our past connections to the earth. It erases opportunity for biodiversity and allows another aspect of our lives to fall victim to massive corporations that don’t care about the well-being of those who populate this planet. This is ESPECIALLY true for  Indigenous peoples who have historically and continue to be victims of colonization, assimilation, and oppression. Their fight to keep their land and culture is one continues today.

With all of this information my brain continues to wander back to seeds. Seeds are the start of new life. Life should come with freedom and to be owned is a disrespect as a living being. With every seed comes great responsibility.

P.S. Sorry to my parents but my glasses broke…