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Cambodia Summer Program.

The mangrove forest

The mangrove forest brings me into another world. Which is separated from the chaos of the outside. Each mangrove tree is an individual. They gathered together, hundreds of thousands of them, to protect one of the purest, most sacred and unpolluted lands of Cambodia. In fact, the forest is so dense that only beams of sunlight can shine through the gallop of the trees. As wind consistently penetrates and wrinkles the surfacing sheets of water surrounding the mangrove forest, their roots filter the outside chaos, creating a divine sanctuary for the fish and other creatures to reside in.

We kept on walking, and reached to the heart of the forest. The surroundings began to get quiet, so I slowed down and listened carefully: the thumping of footsteps on the wooden road, the constant rustling of cicadas and the never ceasing sound of waves hitting against the roots in the far distance.