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The magic of the amazon

When walking through the Amazonian rain forest, everything stands out. The trees: strong, powerful, parental figures giving shade so their little ones can grow. They stretch far up and away, giving a view only accessible to few. The buttress roots of a huge tree explode from the ground. They absorb nutrients, allowing the tree to continue to grow. Each tree tells its own story of defense. There are spikes on a tree. They were used to defend of giant sloths thousands of years ago. These spikes served a purpose, but now they are useless as their foe is extinct. The deeper I explore, the more I am enthralled. How could something so beautiful and majestic have lasted so long? There is only one answer. The forest holds its own defense system against humans; the humans who take too much. The humans who are greedy. There is a strong, powerful, ever protecting spirit of the forest. It wisks away hunters who take too much. The spirit turns into someone the hunter trusts. The hunter follows the spirit, and the hunter gets lost. The hunter becomes alone, afraid. It is vulnerable. Once again, the forest has won because of its majestic protector. It continues to protect the beautiful nature in need of protecting. This spirit is the Chulla Chacki. It is described by the locals as having one human leg and one animal leg. The Chulla Chacki continues to protect until the end.