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The Lares Trek

Hello Yak Board,
I will be yakking about my personal experience on the lares trek. Our first day was a nice trek in the sun. Along the way we met a lady who showed us an incredible variety of potatoes and other vegetables that she cultivated. We also spoke with a man who is attempting to create a university that focuses on core Quechua values, such as, man living in harmony with nature. He also spoke to us about different aspects of life such as using our intelligence as our light to guide us. He was a very interesting man to say the least. Our four hour trek came to a halt and we set up our tents under the rain. The following morning we woke up to a rather somber morning as we had to say goodbye to certain members of the group, I picked up on a sense of pathetic fallacy as the rain and grey skies matched our feelings.  Once we finished hugging and the “Cusco Gang” parted, we set off. The first three hours weren’t the most enjoyable. It was raining without signs of stopping. As we were climbing in altitude during the first three hours the rain turned to a drizzle. We came around a corner and before us stood a magical waterfall, like something fout of the Hobbit. The immense waterfall stood looming above us. Alpacas were grazing to the left of the waterfall and the scenery was beautiful. Several pictures were taken, including the ideal photo for a “Boy Band” album cover. At about the fourth hour mark, it became cold enough for the rain to turn to snow. This made the trek a wonderful experience as the moutains around us had a white cover which was becoming more visible as time went on. We ended our trek at the seventh hour and set up our tents once again.
The next day we woke up to about 2 inches of snow on the ground outside of our tents. We had breakfast, packed up and we set off. Midway through this trek Teva and I combined forces using her music player and my speaker we began to groove (dance and trek at the same time). “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 sparked a lot of movement and singing. We sung along to songs such as “Strawberry Fields”, “Africa” and “Waka Waka”. We listened to these songs whilst passing an incredible lake and it seemed as though my body had been injected with a surplus of energy. The sun beat down on us and it was wonderful, I am sure that memories of our music-trek will be ingrained in my memory forever.
Tenting: A ton of fun was had. After one of the treks the rest of the boys and I hung out in the tent, cracked jokes and had a great time. Us boys were divided into two tent groups. Joe and Tommy in one tent and Soren, Owen and I in the other, but the only time we exercised this division was right before going to sleep.
Cooking: We could have hosted masterchef on our trek. Meals from scrambled eggs to ramen were eaten and they were “delish” (delicious). We alternated groups for who would be cooking and cleaning each meal. The cooking was far more enjoyable than the cleaning but being in a group made things a lot more fun.