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The Group is on Their Way Home!

Good morning from the Kunming airport!
We’re just a few minutes out from having said our farewells and parted ways with our group, leaving them in the experienced and caring hands of fellow Dragons instructor Avery (4B Group) for the return flight.
The last few days have been a bustle of trains, buses, good food, good laughter and goodbyes. The students arranged and led a great Expedition Phase day and a half to Dali where we explored the sights and smells of the old city, clambered around in the hills west of the city, pingponged, pooled, and foos-balled in the hostel. The last 2 days us instructors took back the reins once more for Transference in the more tranquil backdrop of Xizhou’s slow-paced streets and idyllic green rice fields. Last night we wrapped things up with a surprise trip to KTV karaoke to croon tunes into the night.
Feeling fatigued, bittersweet, and glad…and hungry. Thank you all for making this journey with us.
Much love and luck
Ian, Long Yun, and Madeleine