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The First Trek.

After staying a few days in Leh we took a bus to the starting point of our first trek. In this trek each day we trekked from one village to another and slept in a guest house. The first day was hard because it was the first exercise that the group had done at altitude. The village we stayed in was very small. The second day was fairly easy and we only walked for 2 hours. The third day was very hard because we had to climb the highest pass of the whole trek. The trail was straight up and the dirt was not packed in. The last day was supposed to be easy but ended up being the hardest day. To get to a monastery we had to go down a really steep trail. The trail continued after the monastery and we had to get up a hard trail. Next we trekked for a few miles to the village. Then we descended down to the village. We had to cross a river to get to the guest house. We couldn’t cross the river and we had to find a bridge which took an hour and by the time we got to the guest house it was past 6:00.