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Thank You SECMOL students

Thank you SECMOL students for:

1. Teaching the beauty of making quick, lasting friends
2. Taking pride and ownership of the work you do
3. Having 3 tea times in a day (now a necessity for me)
4. Understanding the importance of having a sense of place
5. Taking a bunch of not fully acclimated teenagers up a mountain to see an unforgettable Ladakhi sunrise
6. Giving me apricots from your trees
7. Showing the importance of being friends with everyone
8. Pointing out the Milky Way
9. Not being greedy for food in meal lines
10. Not only focusing on outer beauty
11. Sharing beautiful stories during conversation class
12. Teaching the real meaning of learning service
13. Letting me butcher a Zumba class during your talent show
14. Holding environmental accountability through your completely sustainable campus
15. Most of all: being able to have fun constantly without any phones or outside distractions preset