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Tecpán to Antigua

Esteemed friends,

We extend the warmest of greetings from the land of the Kaqchikel peoples.  As we make our way out of Tecpán towards Antigua Guatemala on private transportation, we are forced to navigate through the stories of invasion and resistance that this land exudes.  Leaving this place we remember yesterday as we walked through the Iximche ruins, destroyed by the colonial establishment of Tecpán where today they celebrate the 494 years of its military colonial founding.

We have experienced three days of an x-phase that saw us making sweet bread, walking through periods of history and living present moments of gratitude for our collective efforts of team-building and support.  Our group is in high spirits and feeling healthy despite the shock of a program gone by too quick to really accept it yet.

We will be arriving in Antigua where we will stay at Earthlodge for a couple of days of transference to help us prepare for a future where experience is met by action and further curiosity, passion and solidarity fueled adventures.

May  your eyes and memory be filled with as much beauty and strength as ours have been during this x-phase.  Happy day of Kaqchikel resistance all the way from the Mayan highlands.

~ Guatemala 4C i-team,

Juancho, Raquel, este