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Sunrise Swim

Salamat pagi!

This morning we left the program house at 4:30 AM to watch the sunrise out on the ocean. We took a motor boat out to the open sea and watched the sky turn a variety of beautiful pastel colors: lavender, blue and pink. Coupled with the sunrise, we also witnessed a partial lunar eclipse. The moon phase was technically a full moon, but this morning it appeared as if it was a waxing crescent.

After the moon disappeared because the sun rose, we all jumped into the ocean with our life vests. It was a memorable way to spend our last morning in Sampela.

Here on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, we have learned about the Bajau lifestyle. Last night, we watched a documentary about a father (bapak) who dived 40 meters to the bottom of the ocean with merely one breath in order to catch dinner for his family. He and other Bajau people have evolved to life on the sea. It is unreal to think about how we have only been on land for less than an hour (buying and selling fish at the market) in the past five days. Sampela has been an eye-opening experience because I have seen first-hand the amount of ocean pollution (trash and dead coral) and discussed with fishermen about the effects of overfishing. It is not enough just to talk about these issues (e.g. climate change and overfishing) within the confines of a classroom. Thank you Sampela for helping me see global warming in action.

Sampai jumpa,


P.S. Tomorrow we leave to travel to Tana Toraja and begin our X phase.