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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

Squaring Up With Sheep

On the third and final night of the trek, Stefan, Nikki, Courtney, Jackson and I decided to venture up a mountain for the opportunity to journal with an amazing view overlooking the campsite and the palmerie of the nearby towns. On the way to this view, we made an unlikely acquaintance – a pregnant sheep who has strayed away from her herd. At first, we took this sheep as a potential new friend and began to baa back and forth with her. However, after a bit of this, we realized that this sheep did not want us on her mountain. Jackson believed that if the rest of were still in front of the sheep, he could abandon us, sneak around and make his way up the mountain. However, Jackson only incurred his wrath.

Looking back, Jackson has said that death by pregnant sheep would be an amazing tombstone, but thankfully that will not be engraved. After a few white-knuckled seconds, Jackson sheepishly backed down the mountain and the reign of terror was over. Stefan and Courtney, on the other hand, decided that the best way to distract the sheep from Jackson was to aggressively bleat, picking up rocks just in case. Then, Jackson rounded the corner of the mountain and screamed that a whole herd of baas were scaling the side of the mountain. Luckily, the sheep were not angry and we were able to reunite the lone sheep with the rest of its gang with the help of a local shepherd.

We all took different lessons away from this experience. Jackson learned that life is precious. Stefan learned about how to mobilize sheep by watching the young shepherd throw rocks. Courtney learned that sheep are pretty neat. Nikki learned that goats can humble even humans.

I personally learned the value of my camera.