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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

Some words of gratitude from your i-team

We are leaving Sidi Kaouki in less than an hour, and yet it doesn’t feel like we are moving yet. Sidi Kaouki has been our home for the past three nights as we took a deep breadth before heading to the bustling metropolis of Casablanca for a short visit and then our international flight the morning of July 28th.

It is 6am. A few of us are up to pack before an early morning breakfast. The full moon was still on the horizon when the alarm first went off, a reminder of last night’s closing recognition ceremony at the beach when the moon was higher up in the sky and shown like a spotlight. This morning it was softer but larger – growing as it approached the horizon but cast in golden light by the sun starting to rise.

This is transference. This pause. This quiet as we transition from a course that took us around the Atlas mountains and that is bringing us back to our starting point at the International Airport in Casablanca.

Those first days in Moulay Idriss and Fes seem more than just a few weeks ago. We’ve learned of the abundance of Moroccan cooking and the sign welcome of tea in a glass in homestays in Imouzzer Kandar. We have explored the geographical and cultural roots of Amazigh culture while trekking in the High Atlas. We have felt the strength of the Moroccan sun and dryness at mid-day in Goulmima. We saw Ouarzazate transform itself into Hollywood dreams. In Marrakesh, we indulged in some R&R while shopping for friends and family back home and seeing Moroccan tourism on parade. And in Essaouira, we hit our stride in x-phase, designing group ISPs that showcased the richness of Moroccan art and music.

In Sidi Kaouki, we’ve focused on how to process, distill and transference these experiences into our lives back home and post-course. The loud moments – like a game shows or an impromptu dance party – have been balanced by quieter moments of reflection – from meditating and yoga to journal prompts and a ceremony.

We would like to extend a most heartfelt “Shukran Bezeeeeef” to our gang of 12. Henry, Alisa, Abril, Braiden, Meredith, Stefan, Nikki, Ava, Emma, Courtney, Melanie, and Jackson, you have brought the magic to this course. Thank you for joining us on this journey and for making it magical. “Kan-tmnnau n-shufkum mrra akhra.” We wish to see you again!

We would also thank all of the family, friends, counselors, teachers who have supported us all. And another thank you to all who we meet in Morocco and who shared their beautiful country with us.

your i-team
Foster, Ismail and Elke