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Small Things

Small things that stood out to me, most copied from my notebook/diary.

I carried a pineapple through the streets of San Lucas Toliman today. I thought that was funny. Here I am, a tourist, carrying the stereotypical backpack with waterbottle and whatever else, and then a pineapple. A whole one. In my hands. I got juice all over me, but it was so worth it to see the looks on people´s faces. Even locals don´t openly carry single, whole pineapples. It was fun to pose with it for pictures.

My blanket in my homestay has dolphins on it. Dolphins are my mom´s favorite animal. I miss home. I am home. It´s weird.

There was a rainfall right in the middle of our walk. It was hilarious; it literally only took 5 seconds for it to start looking like we were under a waterfall. I got stuck on one side of the street, because the entire street had turned into a river which flowed too deep and too fast between me and everyone else on the other side. I had to sidestep/parkour along a building ledge to get to the storm drain so that I could cross safely. Welcome to wet season in Guatemala!

Tuctucs are weird. They´re the local taxi; small, about 4.5 ft across, with open sides, kind of like a rounded red golf cart. There was one with Optimus Prime decorations, and a bunch with soccer flags. At night, they all have LEDs up and down the body, so it looks like a lot of moving extraterrestrial rainbows.

This town is pretty small (even if it seems large to me because I´m not used to it yet), so everyone knows everyone else, and everyone is basically everyone else´s cousin or something. It´s really cool, even if it makes me feel bad that they all say hi to my homestay mom and me and I can´t say hi to them back because I have no idea who they are. It´s a really nice town, though.

Thank you for reading!