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Currently at SECMOL (Students Educational Cultural Movement Of Ladakh), a beautiful environmentally sustainable campus filled with incredibly inspiring students. We have a tightly packed schedule that consists of: Breakfast, Work Hour, Dragons Meeting, Responsibilities, Lunch, Another dragons meeting, foundation students’ conversation class, games, college students’ conversations class, and dinner (with some tea time thrown into the schedule). Conversation class is a space where English speaking volunteers (dragons students), converse with the SECMOL students to help them with their English. Some of these kids have been speaking English for less than 6 months and are incredible! I’ve been speaking Spanish for more than 3 years and am still not as good as them.

Recently we (meaning dragons students), watched a documentary called Schooling The World. It changed the way I looked at western education and its impact on developing countries. Often times a western education prepares children to be part of the capitalist world, a world of consumerism and materialism. Children are not taught how to thrive in their own environment or survive in the natural world. Western education in developing countries often creates a sense of inferiority because they feel that their own cultures are “primitive” and “backwards.” Nomadic pastoralist is actually a much better system than that of our industrial society. How can something so natural and environmentally sustainable be “backwards” compared to the clearly destructive industrial society we live in today?