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A student practices working the fields with a water buffalo. Photo by Ming-Jiu-Li, China Summer Program.

Scavenger hunt in Shanghai.


Today our group got a taste of Shanghai through a scavenger hunt leading our 4 groups throughout the city. On receiving this assignment, I became excited to win the elusive prize that was promised to the group who completed the most tasks. However; my group and I quickly realized that the intense heat and confusing streets of Shanghai made for a challenging adventure that was more difficult than expected.

The tasks we were asked to complete ranged from going on a form of public transport to asking strangers what their favorite Chinese characters are. While we may have run into some challenges, such as a member of our group leaving his subway card at home and becoming desperately lost after some shoddy directions given to us, we emerged successful in our mission to complete many tasks before 5 pm.

Overall, this experience was an amazing way to tour Shanghai and become very close with some of my fellow students as we tried (and sometimes failed) to learn more about Shanghai’s culture and layout with help from locals.

-Sarah Lotvin.