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San Antonio Thoughts

Hi friends and families,

We are now at Lake Atitlan and enjoying the view of the lake. We’ve started Spanish Classes and homestays. We arrived from Rio Negro yesterday (a yak coming tomorrow surrounding Rio Negro). In the meantime, here are some mid-course thoughts from students!

Rose: Please forward all mail to Lake Atitlan. I’m moving.

Laila: I’m turning into a Desayuno Traditional. But I’m not mad about it all 🙂

Thyra: Spent all my money within 2 hours but have presents for you all.

Alexa: Mom, be proud! This is the most vegetable soup I’ve eaten in my life! I’m healthy now 🙂

Cara: Our homestay is in a bakery and I’m worried that I will buy the whole thing.

Roadney: Homestays have begun and it’s been amazing even though it’s only been one night. The city is beautiful at night and I’d be completely open to returning here in the future.

Kat: The lake is beautiful and my homestay family is so welcoming. The dog could be friendlier but he’s working on it.

Emma: Sorry Mom, but I’ve decieded I’m never coming home.

Blake: We just arrived in San Antonio, which is way better than San Antonio, Texas. This is the first part of our homstays and the view here is amazing.

Eli: Today I had my first hot shower of the trip and my homestay family is great!

Anna: yeah, what Blake said – much better than SA TX. I love it. It’s beautiful and I don’t think I can eat any more eggs dad, lol sorry 🙂

Seds: Hi mother, I love and miss you very much. Now here’s a list of food and other stuff I want when I return home to you: Mac n’ Cheese, celery…I think that’s it actually. Love you, bye.