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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

Reflections on hospitality, community and connection from Imouzzer


The hospitality in Morocco is like nothing I have ever experienced before. The locals are genuinely happy you are there, and they want to help you in any way that they can. I have experienced this in homestay through Fatia (my homestay mom) because despite the language barrier, she helps me with my laundry, and feeds me (way too much) and she wants to make sure I am as comfortable as possible. I have also seen hospitality through locals I have no personal connection with, but they just want to help because they feel “it is their duty” and don’t want anything from you.


From the few places we have visited so far in Morocco, I have noticed the communities have been very tight knit and close, but most of all, the community at large has welcomed us with warm open arms. The word community takes a larger meaning here in Morocco. The community is so much more than just the people that surround you. People’s communities are more of a second family to them.


I have found a new appreciation for the word connection during homestays. Connection is something I have always taken for granted because it has never been hard for me to connect, until I didn’t speak the language of the person I was trying to connect with. Although, somehow, I have found a meaningful connection with Fatia even though she speaks no English and I speak no Arabic. I have found she is kind-hearted and loving and cares for me. There is no excuse to stop you from connecting to someone even if it seems challenging.