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Reflections from Kalimpong

While first traveling, we have know little but seen much. Right now the mush of sensory overload in my brain, Kalimpong appears a land of mystifying yet nonetheless charming paradoxes. It is one of the most tranquil places I have ever been but at the same time incredibly loud and overwhelming.

I am lulled to sleep as well as harshly awakened by the sounds around me: the chirping of birds, endless of hum of so many insects I try not to think about, 4 o’clock roosters, barking of dogs I am not supposed to pet, pitter patter of rain splashing beyond my window, roar of passing cars, shuffling of my Amaa’s feet as she walks by my room. These are just a few of the many many sounds I have become quickly acquainted with.

And as easy as it is to get dirty here, cleanliness is highly valued. I am amazed by how much squatty potties and eating with my hands has made me more aware of my body language. I still accidentally use my left hand but have found myself deferring to my right hand more and more.

Kalimpong is also incredibly beautiful in my opinion, although it is barely visible through all the fog. Traveling here I was surprised to discover how much I enjoy long train and car rides. As long as I was by a window, I could watch the changing landscape for hours without growing bored. Even now I am speechless at the sight of these cloud engulfed mountains.

I am in awe of what I cannot see, and I have wondered if God limits our sights here to protect us, as though all the sounds and smells are already so much and much more visibility would just explode our brains. I don’t know if I believe in God(s) though, and I don’t know if the questions I came with are being answered here or if I am just being overwhelmed by more. Will I be able to see any more clearly when we descend from the clouds to return home?

P.S. Mom! Dad! Cookie! Love and miss you lots. Please don’t rearrange my room while I am gone lol!