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The group just got back from our trekk. It was so beautiful and amazing. On the last part of the trekk we stopped in Potolo and I met the cutest little boy ever. His name is Giovanni, we hit it off right away. I loved how he asked everyones name over and over again. He always made me smile because he would always grab my hands and dance with me. We were at his house helping out and learning about textiles. The night before we took the bus back to Sucre a few of us decided to sleep outside. We stayed up so late just talking and watching shooting stars streak across the sky. The bright stars reminded me of home. I didn´t  get very much sleep, but I loved the conversations I had that night. It is so weird that it has only been a week because our group is so close and it feels like I have known them forever.  We are getting ready to start our homestays. I am so excited, but also nervous. I have had so many amazing experiences on this trip and I can´t wait to see what is next.

Goodbye for now,