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Peruvian lifestyle


Trek #1 is now in the books, I have learned alot about the peruvian culture and their life style over the past 5 day Trek to Nacion Q’eros. We all got to experience many ceremonies dedicated to Pachamama, which included sacrificing an Alpaca on the top of a mountain, than eating it with the towns people. We also got a chance to go to a sacred lake where we cleansed our feet and our guide Seywar did a ritual for us to honor Pachamama and the mountains. After that we continued to Trek across the mountains we saw many native animals, and crossed many Incan trails and structures and one day we made it all the way up to the top of a mountain and we did a Peruvian dance ritual which was very interesting and exciting. During this dance we grabbed scarfs and danced around in circles as if the scarfs were wings and we were birds in the sky. After each night came to an end we stayed in homes on top of mountains with a couple of my group members in each home, we got to experience a close up of the Peruvian culture and lifestyle. On the last day when we had to leave Nacion Qeros was a very sad moment where we had to eave the most amazing sights I have every seen in my life, I will always cherish my time there.