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Onto Kunming

Onto Kunming!

X-Phase is over. Now it’s time to move onto the city! Kunming is the capital of the Yunnan Province of The People Republic of China. This is where we will be spending the next 11 days learning, living and getting to know are way around.

When we arrived in Kunming on the evening of the 24th. We all got to visit the program house! A 6 room apartment (including living room) where we, as a group will have classes and be able to socialize and see Kunming from above.

That evening we all had been assigned homestay families that will be scattered around Kunming. I (Caleb Gabriel-Deveau) was chosen second into a homestay family. I got in the car and my homestay family showed me the store they own, right next to The Green Lake Park. We then went to the apartment complex. My apartment is on the 27th floor looking down on many malls, stores and restaurants. It is amazing and the view at night is breathtaking.

Each morning we all either walk or use public transportation to get to class. I take 2 busses everyday to get to class. I set my alarm for 6:45. Have breakfast and leave by 7:20, to get to the program house around 8:00. I personally really like the public transportation, yet it can be confusing, it is like a fun maze to try and figure out.

I think we all can agree as a group that Kunming is a very beautiful city with lots of culture and many differences from the village homestay. So that is what has happened so far and much more information to come!! Until next Yak Post!

Caleb Gabriel-Deveau