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No Rodeos In This San Antonio

Hello to all! Staying here in San Antonio over the past few days, it really opens your eyes to the vast number of wonderful places there are around the world that many may not have the opportunityto see in their lifetime. From the view of the volcanoes from the coast of Lake Atitlan, to the sunsets blended with hues of pink, blue, orange, and yellow, this town has been such a sight to be in thus far.

During our stay, we’ve begun our homestays in pairs, allowing us to find more independence within ourselves, as well as intensifying our use of the Spanish language. Coming into the town, you are greeted by the friendly civilians, offering to help at any moment out of generosity. Students have engaged in many activities of their liking, including learning how the weaving loom works, helping out their families in preparing meals, bargaining with merchants in hopes of getting a good price, as well as playing with the children of the town, whether it be those at home, or soccer at the local park, in addition to much more.

Looking more around the town, Mayan women are seen trying to gain traction towards their clothing stores. Children are seen running around the streets with a toy ball in hopes of playing with the big boys in the soccer cage. Strong Mayan women find use of their heads to carry their goods around town, in addition to the tortillarias which find business going well due to tortillas being a household staple not only in San Antonio, but in the nation as well.

I wish I could write more, but the time is running out at this internet cafe haha.

I guess you could say we’ve had a rodeo of our own in San Antonio, just not the Texas kind.